Photo Archive > Game 07: Milestones

Editor’s Picks:

After snagging a Colby line drive, the M's notice Shelby is off base ...

... and make the play at first for the double play. (1st)

A-WOL watches a hit go into right field.

Colby likes what she sees.

Nicole is excited to collect a hit in her first game back with the team. (4th)

Lijun is all smiles after scoring
on Misha's SAC RBI.

Misha outruns the play to first for a single.

Shelby and Jenna pose for the camera after the game.

Ryan gives the photographer a hand.

Justine is pumped after playing in her first game with Verdasys.

Lijun can't believe he made 3 hits in today's contest.

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