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356er's: The Gold Standard of Softball(c)

Zissis after hitting a home run.

"Softball Man" and Gabe share a laugh at first base.

Gary looks on as "Softball Man" hits a triple.

Stephanie and "Softball Man" share a laugh at third base.

"Softball Man" connects for a single.

Gabe makes a running grab in left field.

Al coaches Chris after he advances to third.

Brian celebrates after scoring the winning run against Pioneer.

Team celebrates an incredible come from behind win.

Andy can't control his excitement.

Anthony rounds third on his way to score after a grounder leaks through the infield.

Marlin is embarrassed after hitting just a single.

Jim fields a grounder and tags third as he shoots for the 5-3 double play.

Al sprints off the field after striking out the batter to end the inning.

Marlin crashes into the fence after making an incredible running grab.

Cathy and Dave celebrate with Scott as Howard logs Scott's run in the books.

Jason leaps into the air to snag a line-drive for the out.

Bill and Stephanie look on as Zissis hits a grounder.

"Take that cameraman!"

Cathy at bat.

Team portrait following the final game at Chestnut Run Park.
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