Game 6s: Scrimmage Game
Teamís heart wasnít in it as they faced yet another scrimmage game
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Game date: Aug 3, 2010

Score Box
  1 2 3 4 5 6 7   R H HR
Mass Medical
3? 3? 4? 4 X X X   14 X X
2 0 1 X X X X   3 7 0

Moffitt leaps to connect for a single of his own. (Patal)

With Mass Medical Society unable to field a full team in Game 6, and the MMS team agreeing to take a 9-0 loss instead of a forfeit, both Verdasys and MMS agreed to make the most of the situation by playing a non-binding scrimmage game. The only problem with this match-up was that both teams would be undermanned in this match-up.

Roster Round-Up

On the MMS bench were 6 players, which included the 5 players that had showed-up at game time plus one additional player that came after the fact. This might not be a problem in a scrimmage game, had their competitor had players to spare. Regardless, Verdasys did agree to loan MMS a non-fielding catcher when Verdasys was at the plate.

On the Verdasys Softball bench, the team would only have 7 players. Even though the team had 9 players at game time, both Ryan Grimard and Usha Shama lost interest in playing after it was determined that the game would not hold any significance. Both players left as a result.

Thus, a 7 on 6 scrimmage game was played.

Game Summary

There are not that many things which can be discussed in a scrimmage game, far less when neither team has enough players on the field; a hit into the outfield can turn what would normally be a single into an ITP homerun. This does not make for exciting reporting.

As one can imagine, such a game is not very exciting to the players either, especially after all the build-up of anticipation before the game. Some players even reported the scrimmage game to be a disappointment. For that reason, you can imagine why no one was interested to talk what happened at the game.

As for what happened in the game, this reporter was able to collect the following details. We know that Verdasys struggled at the plate, but managed to score 2 runs in the first inning and a single run in third. After three innings of play, MMS had a 10-3 lead. In the top of the fourth, MMS rallied to score 4. Even though no outs were recorded, they offered to end the inning to allow Verdasys to bat. But by this time, the Verdasys Softball team had lost all interest in the game and chose to leave.

I suppose there were some exciting tidbit from this game. Team photographer Richard Moffitt decided to put his camera down and play in his first game with Verdasys. He collected two hits, an RBI and got a taste for what it was like to score a run of his own. Naren Patel also snapped some photos of Richard re-enacting moments from seasons past. In addition, cricket professional Ashish Singh collected his first career RBI and base hit in this his first ever softball game.

The End?

According to one source, a player on the MMS team was not happy with Verdasysí decision to end the game prematurely. In fact, this source was not surprised to learn that MMS would later go on to contest Verdasysí claim of a win for Game 6.

This saga continues on in Game Summary 6p (Protested Results).

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Andy Wolan is a reporter and photographer for Verdasys Softball. This story was not subject to the approval of the league or its clubs.