2010 Practice Information
Last Updated: 7/09/2010

No schedule will be released. All practice sessions are held on an ad-hoc basis.

Practice Format
The goal of each practice session is to give team members a chance to work on their fielding and battings skills. The format is informal, with activities elected by those who attend. Activities range from simple toss and catch sessions to fielding and batting drills. Suggestions are always welcomed.

Practice is held at the nearest available field. Since these fields cannot be reserved, there is always the possibility that they might be in use. We will hold practice at the first available field. (See list below.) If the first field is in use, proceed to the second. If the second field is use, proceed to the third, etc. The last field is a “fail safe” option.
  1. Softball field on Lake St. (The one closest to the lake.)
  2. Open field on Trapelo Rd / Pine Vale Rd. (Place with basketball court)
  3. The field north of the North Parking Lot. (Satellite image)

To reduce the run around, Andy will check the first field 20 minutes before practice to see if it is available.

NOTE 1: the “fail safe” field is not the first option because its size limits what we can do.
NOTE 2: Reserving the regular softball field is expensive, around $60/session.


Field Locations

Batting Cages
Below is a list of recommended batting cages, along with pricing:

  • Baseball Unlimited (Waltham) - $20/30 min
  • Extra Innings (Woburn) - $20/30 min. Manual and automatic.
  • Fenway Golf (East Longmeadow) - $10/7 tokens. Fully automated.
  • Vince's Sports Center (Newark, DE) - $10/~7 rounds. Fully automated.
  • The following website contains a list of batting cages found through-out the greater Boston area:

  • http://www.bostonbaseball.com/batting_cages.php