Season in Retrospect
Team battles through a tough season and lives
to try again in 2011

Team Photo 2010

Website complete for 2010 season. (Nov. 19, 2010)

Despite moonlighting on and learning from a championship caliber team, nothing could prepare Coach Wolan as the franchise encountered their most difficult season to date.

Through-out the season, the club was forced to deal with nagging roster and participation issues, making it difficult to remain not only competitive, but viable. As the season dragged on, some suspected that it would only be a matter of time before the club would be forced to withdraw from the league.

But despite their struggles, the team somehow managed to pull themselves together and complete the season. And in doing so the club earned the right to remain in the league for the 2011 season. So just how did the team accomplish this feat? Find the answer to this question and many more on our website, including the following:

  • What was Bhavani’s secret technique to run faster?
  • Why was the team denied their only win of the season?
  • What was the scariest moment of Usha's softball career?
  • Why was Coach A-WOL playing on a team in DE?
  • What does the competition think of Verdasys Softball?
  • How did the team manage to lose a game that was PPD?
  • Who tied the team record for most RBIs in a game?
  • How did a flock of geese salute A-WOL during a game?
  • Why didn't Don play in any games this season?
  • Is the player nicknamed "Mike Ditka's wife" real?
  • Who's a better hitter: Grimard, Pete or Lijun?
  • And most of all, "How do I get to the field"?
  • So pull-up a chair, grab some peanuts and Cracker Jacks and enjoy what is quite possibly the best softball team website on the Internet.

    Andy Wolan
    Team Skipper

    HEADLINES ::::::
    After-Season News
    Writing Staff Announces Retirement
    Team Jersey Spotted in a Dr. Pepper© Promotion
    Top Player Stats for 2010
    PPD-Forfeit Ends Playoff Run
    Game Summary #100 Milestone Reached!
    Verdasys Qualifies for Playoffs
    MMS Successfully Appeals Loss; Verdasys Now Winless
    356ers Eliminated from Playoffs Following Nail-Biter
    Team Earns 1st Win of Season
    Injury Report & Roster Moves
    356er’s Win Tiebreaker & Secures #2 Seed in Playoffs
    RPG Rolls Out the Smack
    Facemask Look Gains Popularity
    Team Forfeits Season Opener
    356er’s Close Out Chestnut Run Park in Style
    Verdasys SB Returns in 2010

    W L T PPD
     Tufts Health Plan Corp
    6 1 0 0
     Thermo Fisher
    5 2 0 0
     Inverness Medical
    5 2 0 0
    4 3 0 1
    3 4 0 0
     Up To Date
    2 5 0 0
     Mass Medical Society
    1 6 0 1
    0 7 0 0

    W L T PPD
    20 2 X X
     356ERS *
    19 3 X X
    19 3 X X
    15 7 X X
     Snyder's Sliders
    12 10 X X
     Execution Authority
    11 11 X X
     E352 Bombers
    10 12 X X
    8 14 X X
     Odd Balls **
    5 17 X X
     Scared Hitless
    5 17 X X
    4 18 X X
    4 18 X X

    tie-breaker via head-to-head
    tie-breaker via run differential