General Articles about the team

Article 1: Q&A Session with team manager Andrew Wolan
Following a press conference announcing the return of Verdasys Softball in 2010, Coach Wolan held a "Question and Answer" session with the media. This article is a transcript of that discussion.

Article 2: Racepoint Group's Game 4 Summary
Apparently this website is not the only game in town. This season, RPG started their own team website... and check out what they wrote regarding their contest against Verdasys! This article is a copy of their original, which can be found here.

Article 3: Game Summary #100 Milestone
After seven years in the reporting business, the writing staff reached a major milestone of writing their 100th game summary. Join us as we reflect on past seasons as we present the top ten game summaries of all time.

Article 4: DuPont Co-Ed Softball League Article
A summertime tradition in Wilmington for the past 35 years has been to participate in the DuPont Co-Ed Softball League. This article covers the history of the league and introduces the league commissioner, who is also the coach of the 356er’s. Ironically (or disturbingly) A-WOL makes an appearance in the article. (Originally published at DuPont.)

Article 5: A-WOL's 356ers' Softball Log
So what did A-WOL do with the 356ers’ this season? What were some of the highlights from their season? And how did their season turn out? Read about these and more as we condense the 18 games A-WOL was involved in into a single article.

Article 6: "Catch a Healthy Diet" Poster
The writing staff got hold of a miniature bat, a glove, and an apple the size of a softball. Then we asked ourselves, “What should we do with all of this?” Our initial thought was to smash the apple with the bat, but why ruin a good piece of fruit? Instead, we created a cleaver public health awareness poster. It’s sure to inspire!